The coolest vendors you need

So, listed here...

I know how daunting it is to plan your wedding...ESPECIALLY when your starting from scratch! SO, i thought id create a list of epic humans that i absolutely recommend at your day! Professional, fun & won't stuff you around.

Jamie & Cara - Brisbane City Celebrants!

Brisbane Wedding Celebrants Jamie and Cara specialize in designing and delivering modern, happy, simple and meaningful, seamless wedding ceremonies. I've seen these guys work first hand, many times! When you watch Jamie and Cara run a ceremony you can tell they absolutely LOVE their job. They are always 100% present in YOUR beautiful day. Get in touch! You wont be disappointed.

Janette - Olive Rose Weddings and Events

PLANNING A WEDDING TOO TIME CONSUMING? Stressful? Or maybe you just want help with planning! Janette is the wedding QUEEN! Organization is her game and she will help you plan AND coordinate your dream day! She is also the most kindest, disney obsessed human you will ever meet and i love her!

Diana - The Sweet Society Co.

Bloody damn epic cakes.... Need i say ANYMORE then it will be the best cake you have ever had. Also, Diana is the design queen! Check out her socials and see all the creations she has created! She is the best!!

Sophie - Blush'd Brides

OH MY GOODNESS this woman! Look no further then this woman for your hair and makeup! Remember you are spending the whole morning with someone making conversation! SO, makesure you hire someone cool! haha! Sophie is not only the kindest human, she is SO good at her job! She loves what she does and she is so passionate about making you not only look beautiful, but FEEL beautiful.

Toni Paget - Celebrant

The fun loving, awesome, fun loving, cute as hell celebrant from the Goldy! (did i say shes fun loving? Seriously, she is so fun!) When i first met Toni, she came straight up to me with her big gorgeous smile and introduced herself.. What a legend. I then witnessed her do the same to ALL the guests at the wedding.. I feel like this is the sorta person you want around to marry you. Seriously..... ANNNND she also gave me a CHEEKY DISCOUNT! Save $150 off if you mention ME!