WHY? Well, let me tell you why.

Now, Let me just start by saying Aunt Sal with her 'professional camera' may be able to indeed take a nice photo! But, is she creative minded? What happens if she doesn't get the shots you are wanting? Can you really be mad? Does she have insurances? Is she willing to get down into the mud to get that 'perfect shot'?? I'm gonna say no...


Hiring someone who has shot a wedding before is important (in fact, shot many!) They know about locations, the best place to shoot, lighting and of course how to shoot in a ceremony without drawing attention to ones self. Along with experience comes someone with an epic camera setup and an awesome business model. You want to hire someone you feel comfortable with, someone who you just KNOW has got this.

Now, another kinda experience...

Just like in high school, SOME people just aren't your jam. You hated them in math and always dodged them in the tuck-shop line... Now imagine, those people grew up into an industry where you MAY one day have to pay them to spend time with you all day (on the most magical day of your life, mind you!). You won't like every photographer... I highly suggest judging everyone's photos (duh, of course! I mean you wouldn't hire someone if you hated their work!) But, what i think is MORE important then that is hiring someone you LOVE, hire someone who you can have conversation with, hiring someone you may find funny? Someone who you would actually love to invite to your wedding... As for your bridal photo's, it's important to hire someone who you vibe with! Your more likely to feel comfortable and more likely to feel free and happy = much nicer wedding photos!

But, my wedding is going to cost heaps! I have to cut costs somewhere!

I know, i know. You have started your budget and HOLY COW you are suddenly at $15000+ !! Its overwhelming and you look at that quote from a photographer and think "We can definitely get that cheaper"! If you LOVE a certain photographer and their work, here is a few cost cutting tips so you can definitely hire that photographer you love:

  1. Scrap those boutonnieres: A bit of advice from someone who literally stays until the end. I would say that mostly everyone leaves their gift behind. A sad reality for those things you spend a lot of time and energy on.
  2. Do you really need that Donut wall. Do you. Think about it.
  3. Start a Facebook or website wedding invitation! Saving you hundreds on printing and postage alone!
  4. I would say its not really a 'thing' anymore that you HAVE to pay for your bridesmaids dresses.

Aside from trying to just fork out large amounts of cashola, does your photographer offer a payment plan?

At the end of the day...

The cake has been eaten, the dances have been danced and alllllllll the booze has been downed, whats left? YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS ARE YOUR MEMORIES. These images are your last remaining memories from your day! Let me show you some examples of things you may not have seen, but crap, that's cool as to see and re-live