October 29, 2020

How do i know you are 'the one' for us?

Making sure you pick the right person for you and your day.

So, you got engaged, yay! But now the real planning starts....Where to start? There's so many businesses to look at? I know it can feel very overwhelming. I've had a few questions lately of people asking "how do we know you are the right person for us" - Well, let me give you some advice x

Step one: read Reviews

Check out their Facebook/google reviews... Just like when you are looking for a new cafe to eat at! What are people saying about this business? Do they RAVE? have people had a bad experience? What are people taking time out of their day to say about this business? Good? Bad? Let other peoples experience guide you (but just a little bit, make sure you do some further research too!). If you like what people are saying about this business then....

Step two: check out their photo's

Now this is an important one... If you are looking for a photographer in particular:

  • DO YOU LIKE THEIR PHOTOS? Its very important that you like their actual work (and not just the person in particular!) I mean, i love my aunt Sally with a camera but I'm not going to get her to take my photo's because its not what i am after.
  • DO YOU LIKE THE EDIT THEY DO? Do you love a darker moody edit? Or maybe a more colorful bright look? You can't ask a photographer to change their edit for you. If you want moody wedding photo's, you have to find a photographer that does that sort of editing.
  • WHAT DOES THE CHEMISTRY LOOK LIKE IN THEIR PHOTO'S? Are the examples of photo's on their website nice, but the people look like they are just standing there smiling? (#boring #no) Unless you are into that quick snap sorta look, look for a photographer who creates chemistry instead of just winging it and asking you to stand their weirdly.
  • WHAT SORT OF EXPERIENCE ARE YOU AFTER? Do you want fun photo's? Romantic photo's? POSED images? Or perhaps a certain style you have seen online? Make sure you find a photographer that specializes in the kind of images you want. (Example: I am ALL about the fun... I love colour and 'the extra' and that sort of thing i really come alive in) I will not take on weddings that want overly posed images because it's not my area of expertise

This also goes for any other vendor, What sort of experience are you after? Let me talk about celebrants for a second by stating a hard fact: THEY ARE NOT JUST THERE TO MARRY YOU. These guys set the tone for your whole wedding day. How boring to spend thousands and thousands (and thousands) of dollars getting married and you have a boring AF ceremony that your guests all have to sit through. Which brings me to my first question: What sort of experience are you after?

  • A funny ceremony?
  • Do you want your love story told?
  • Are you going to write your own vows?
  • Does the celebrant speak well?
  • Do you want cool extras that involve your guests?

You only get married once, make it a ceremony you will never forget by hiring someone who will do a fantastic job creating the atmosphere you want (also, REMEMBER, you will be speaking to this person in the WHOLE lead up to your day, back and forth, make sure its someone you love talking too)

Step three: read their about me

What sort of person are they? What sort of person are you? Would you get along with this person? If you connect with their 'about me' (even just in the slightest...i actually SUCK at writing so you probably won't be able to tell a WHOLE lot from my personal about me) But do they have something on there you love? Or hate maybe? Make sure you read why they do what they do (and hopefully it's because they love the industry, they love LOVE and LOVE their job) theres plenty of people in this industry who are now doing it to pay the bills and you can tell their heart just isn't in it anymore.

step four: message them!

Have a chat to them! Tell them all about your day, tell them all about your plans...tell them about YOU!

  • Are they excited to hear from you?
  • Did you like their reply?
  • Do you have any questions for them?

The more you talk to them, the more you find out about them. It's always nice to hire someone you get a good feeling about, you want to make sure they are honest and will make your day memorable.



Such a touchy subject...

You may be looking at 2 vendors side by side and wondering: 'Why are their prices higher for the same thing'


There is a few different reasons as to why pricing is so varied:

  • We have been working in the industry for years
  • We have lots of great connections
  • We have expensive equipment we buy for YOU
  • We value the work we do (this one is an important one)
  • We are insured, for your peace of mind

And so so so many more reasons. No two people will ever be the same: But let me tell you, if you like this person, you like their work, you think they will make your wedding day just how you imagined it, that is priceless. Asses all the things above first before you talk about money.