2020, WTF?

Firstly we started 2020 with bush fires that swept the nation, places literally burnt to the ground and couples almost left without homes.

Now, a virus is sweeping the world and sending everyone into panic stations!

Firstly let me start off by saying ITS OKAY TO FEEL UNEASY - But would it make you feel any better if i said i'm feeling healthy and still excited to be at your day?

But, what happens if you get sick?

Look, that's gonna suck (more so for me, you will still have the best day without me!)

If i do happen to get old mate Covid-19 i WILL have to self isolate.... But as much as i would do ANYTHING to be there with you, you don't want to get it from me. Please know i have SO many friends in the industry. Literally, great friends, ones that would drop their weekend plans to help ME (how cool is that?). Now all my glorious friends in the industry are people that i have personally learnt from. People that i draw my inspiration from. Please know that these people are probably even more experienced then me and will take amazing photos for you!

If i have to get someone else to shoot for me, they give me the SD cards and i am the one who edits them (like the photos you always see me edit and show!) So, these photo's will still have a touch of me in them and definitely edited with love from me.

Side note: Hiring a shooter in my place is completely out of my very own pocket and no extra cost to you...

I'm really upset, i don't think my family can make it

Totally. That sucks. Like it more then sucks its shitty as hell.

I actually have 0 things to say to this, it just sucks so much


How can we make this better for you?

  • Can we set up a live stream?
  • Can some of your family members do a video chat?
  • Skype call?
  • A private facebook group i can update during the day?

How cool is it to live in 2020, where technology is literally at our fingertips! Maybe we can make your guests feel like they are here, without being there.

Did you know i have the ability to send the photo's i take to my phone straight away! I could send some photo's to your family members! You would just have to provide me phone numbers and i can take care of everything on the day by updating all your beautiful guests! You wont have to lift a finger.

Remember, be sad that your guests can't come... But at the end of the day the end goal was for you to get married... and now more then ever the importance of photography is further more (...and video! If you can swing that too!)

I'm starting to really freak out now...should i postpone?

These questions all suck, hey? I don't really know, here is a bit of food for thought...

  • Is your venue still going ahead and not closing?
  • Can the MOST important people make it to your wedding (mum, dad, sisters, brothers etc)
  • Are YOU both well?
  • How is your financial situation giving all the changes Covid-19 has taken on our world?
  • Have you already paid for your wedding in full?
  • How long can you leave it before you make the call?
  • Can you give it a few more weeks?

postpone - don't cancel

If you have to postpone, that's okay. I am more then happy to work together with you to find a date we are all available - Totally no cost to you, i got chu.

If you have to move your date, are you free a Monday- Thursday date? I feel like that will be such less stress for you to fit in the rest of the year (around other peoples bookings!)

remember, at the end of the day its totally just that you guys get married. maybe we should think of the marriage over the wedding! let's still do this, lets get married. i'll sign your wedding cert if i have too. i can't wait to be with all of you in this amazing (yet scary) time.

Love yas, Smile Darling x