So you’re planning your big day - perfecting every little detail from your dress to the invites, the floral arrangements, the location, the photography (hello, that’s me!) the decorations…after all of that planning there’s no WAY you’re going to skip the photographs – am I right? So what about the hens! I sat down with the hens party experts at My Ultimate Hens to chat about 5 fun ways to incorporate photography on your hens night!  

1: Photobooth 

Hens party rule #1. ALWAYS have an ice-breaker prepared at a hens for those guests who don’t know one another. And what better way to break the ice & provide an amazing form of entertainment and memories for your guests that to have a photobooth at your event? Nana’s, youngin’s, drunk aunts – they will all want a piece of the photobooth action trust us! Hens are for having fun and getting silly with the gals, so don the accessories & strike a pose!  

2: In Studio Shoot 

Us girls here at My Ultimate Hens know that girl time can be a precious commodity these days, which is why we created a ‘memory maker’ hens package to celebrate hens nights for the glorious chance they are: to spend some time with your bride-to-be and her best ladies. Imagine having your own private photo studio and personal photographer to bring your creative vision to life in a fabulous professional shoot with your bride tribe, complete with finished images to keep forever! And we didn’t skimp on the important things either – when we dreamed up this package we made sure that bubbly, cupcakes & many laughs were guaranteed too!   


3: Topless Waiter To Take Your Photos 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by being the nominated ‘photo taker’ during the group photo. You know how the scenario goes… Someone tries to balance the camera on a nearby object so that no one’s excluded from the group pic while yelling ‘staaaayyyyy’ whilst the camera refuses to oblige. No one can figure out how to work self-timer, and the angle you’ve been forced to work with is less than flattering, so you end up taking the photo yourself even though it means that you’re excluded from the fun. Yep, we’ve been there too! If only you had one extra guest who could take on the burden. Maybe with a set of rockhard abs too? That’s not too much to ask right?! RIGHT. Adding a topless waiter to your celebration adds that much needed hens night eye candy, as well as a volunteer photo taker, selfie participant, hens night games host, waiter & more!   


4: Boomerangs 

They have a motto at My Ultimate Hens – “If you didn’t boomerang it, did it even happen?” Just kidding! But honestly, in the age of social media, perfecting your boomerang is an essential skill if you ask us! Luckily, we gave the gals a quick masterclass in creating the perfect boomerang. The number one thing we took away from it was ‘ it’s all in the timing!’ and what better time than a hens party to capture that extra bit of fun that you don’t get to see in a still photograph. #hensgonewild 

5: Photo Wall 

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Can we decorate our apartment?’. That’s like asking the My Ultimate Hens crew if they’re going to drink cocktails on the weekends – the answer is always yes! Photo walls are one of our favourite ideas for a bit of surprise decorating before the hen arrives! At the moment we are obsessed with Polaroid hangings – you know the ones where the polaroids are pegged along string (bonus points for fairy lights & helium balloons!) Pinterest eat your heart out! 

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, make sure that the memories are a priority on the day – strike that pose, decorate to your hearts content and get creative! Having all of your brides best gals in one place is a rarity, so coming prepared will allow you to make the most of it – and we guarantee your hen will be thanking you when she looks back at these snapshots in time (even though the cheeky ones might not make it to the family album!)