This is me.

These are my little gal's

This is my family.

..And this is me partying at your day

About Me

  • My names Mary
  • I like my bacon CRISPY
  • Small skinny cap with extra chocolate
  • Water is my favorite drink, yep, I'm a cheap date
  • Hot chips and Aioli is life
  • I once met Jake Gyllenhaal on a run in Beverley Hills and its my biggest claim to fame.
  • I've watched the office at least 6 times.

Lets dig a little deeper...

Are you wondering "Hmmmm, what makes you different then all the other photographers out there"? WELL, LET ME TELL YOU.....

  • This is more then a job to me, i actually WANT to be at your day
  • I am available 24/7 to you leading up to your day - Have a burning question at 1am? Cool, I'm probably awake, let's chat.
  • I take a stance against awkward BORING photo's.... I don't want to stand you all together and say "smile" anymore then you want to do that.
  • I create the fun through prompts and little adventures
  • I'm fun, relaxed and very down to earth
  • When you book me, I'm basically your new bestie
  • I listen to what you actually want from your photos (and more importantly, what you DON'T want!)
  • I'm calm cool and collected and very adaptable to change (because, weddings never really go to plan)
  • I have very expensive equipment and I'm sponsored by canon.
  • I am an Accredited Australian photographer
  • I am insured for your peace of mind
  • I don't have one bad review (over 170+ 5 star ones!)

Do you wanna know more?

I got my first camera in 2008, wow! Ever since i have dabbled in careers (retail, childcare and corrections) but nothing felt fully right. I needed a creative outlet, i needed something more. In 2015 i quit my fulltime job and laid EVERYTHING on making this REAL. As i build my friendships and connections over the years I've realized that I HAVE MADE IT, I did it! I made this my career. I've now shot over 250+ wedding's and 400+ families. How good is my life. Forever grateful.

p.s I freaking LOVE cake and its the highlight of leaving your wedding reception (taking a few slices for later!) (or yanno, eating all the pieces on the way home)