About Me

  • My names Mary
  • I am a self proclaimed legend
  • I am a coffee addict
  • I've been to hundreds of weddings but still tear up in vows and speeches
  • Water is my favorite drink, yep, I'm a cheap date
  • Hot chips and Aioli is life
  • Terrified of snakes and sharks
  • I once met Jake Gyllenhaal on a run in Beverley Hills and its my biggest claim to fame.
  • Op shops are my guilty pleasure
  • There is 356 of greys anatomy and I've seen every single one.

Lets dig a little deeper...

Are you wondering "Hmmmm, what makes you different then all the other photographers out there"? WELL, LET ME TELL YOU.....

  • This is more then a job to me, i actually WANT to be at your day
  • I am available 24/7 to you leading up to your day - Have a burning question at 1am? Cool, I'm probably awake, let's chat.
  • I take a stance against awkward BORING photo's.... I don't want to stand you all together and say "smile" anymore then you want to do that.
  • I create the fun through prompts and little adventures
  • I'm fun, relaxed and very down to earth
  • When you book me, I'm basically your new bestie
  • I listen to what you actually want from your photos (and more importantly, what you DON'T want!)
  • I'm calm cool and collected and very adaptable to change (because, weddings never really go to plan)
  • I have very expensive equipment and I'm sponsored by canon.
  • I am an Accredited Australian photographer
  • I am insured for your peace of mind
  • I don't have one bad review (over 170+ 5 star ones!)

Do you wanna know more?

I got my first camera in 2008, wow! Ever since i have dabbled in careers (retail, childcare and corrections) but nothing felt fully right. I needed a creative outlet, i needed something more. In 2015 i quit my fulltime job and laid EVERYTHING on making this REAL. As i build my friendships and connections over the years I've realized that I HAVE MADE IT, I did it! I made this my career. I've now shot over 250+ wedding's and 400+ families. How good is my life. Forever grateful.

p.s I freaking LOVE cake and its the highlight of leaving your wedding reception (taking a few slices for later!) (or yanno, eating all the pieces on the way home)

My past brides have said...

Jemma & Zac

“Well, there is too much to say about how amazing Mary was throughout planning our special day. Not only was it smooth sailing leading up to but on the day, it was incredible. We wouldn’t have the memories we have without your photos, they are so special in every way. Not only was our day full of so much love somehow that shows through the photos!!! We will forever recommend you and can’t wait for you to be our new family photographer. Many exciting sessions to come!
Thank you for everything”

01 / 12