A few random facts.

  • My name is Mary

  • I like my bacon CRISPY

  • Small skinny cap with extra choccie.

  • Water is actually my favorite drink, im a cheap date.

  • Hot chips with Aioli AND gravy is life.

  • Lost track of how many times I've watched the office

  • I'm an accredited Australian photographer

  • I've done over 300+ weddings

  • I got married when i was 20 and now i have 2 kids!

  • I love vanilla ice-cream with 100's and 1000's

  • I once met Jake Gyllenhaal on a run in Beverley Hills and its my biggest claim to fame.

  • Huge wedding cake connoisseur 

  • I've only just discovered podcasts

  • I take a stance against awkward BORING photo's.... I don't want to stand you all together and say "smile" anymore then you want to do that.

  • I don't have one bad review (over 170+ 5 star ones!)

I'll definitely stick to my day job, I'm no copywriter... What else can i say? I've been doing photography full time since 2015 and it's the BEST JOB EVER. I still pinch myself that i get to literally hang out with hundred's of legendary couples every week and be apart of their wedding day. Like what the hell? Living my dream life.