01 / 06

In action

Do you think this could be your wedding photographer? Fun, relaxed and down to earth.

Hello, I am Mary.

I am a FUN, relaxed and an epic photographer.

  • My names Mary
  • I am a self proclaimed legend
  • I am a coffee addict
  • I've been to hundreds of weddings but still tear up in vows and speeches
  • Water is my favorite drink, yep, I'm a cheap date
  • Hot chips and Aioli is life
  • Terrified of snakes and sharks
  • I once met Jake Gyllenhaal on a run in Beverley Hills
  • Op shops are my guilty pleasure
  • There is 342 of greys anatomy and I've seen every single one.
  • I am a really good cook
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is rainbow (I'm too ashamed the age i found out that was only vanilla)
  • I am a MUM
  • I am like a speed washing folder
  • I know all the wiggles songs
  • I still want to be a police officer, maybe later in life.
  • I love down to earth, FUN couples

This is me.

This is my daughter and dog.

This is my family.

..And this is me partying at your day

Some of the brands i have worked for before: