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In action

Do you think this could be your wedding photographer? Fun, relaxed and down to earth.

Hello, I am Mary.

I am a FUN, relaxed and an epic photographer.

  • My names Mary
  • I am a self proclaimed legend
  • I am a coffee addict
  • I've been to hundreds of weddings but still tear up in vows and speeches
  • Water is my favorite drink, yep, I'm a cheap date
  • Hot chips and Aioli is life
  • Terrified of snakes and sharks
  • I once met Jake Gyllenhaal on a run in Beverley Hills
  • Op shops are my guilty pleasure
  • There is 342 of greys anatomy and I've seen every single one.
  • I am a really good cook
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is rainbow (I'm too ashamed the age i found out that was only vanilla)
  • I am a MUM

This is me.

This is my daughter and dog.

This is my family.

..And this is me partying at your day